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Routine prescriptions

We dispense prescriptions to both NHS and private patients. Our computer system not only produces labels for medicines being dispensed but also keeps a record of such items. It can also record details of any advice given to patients about their healthcare and lifestyle. The pharmacist can give you information about your medication and how to use it safely.

Prescription Ordering and Free Delivery Service

We offer a prescription ordering and delivery service. Deliveries are free to the local area and nearby surrounding areas. Please allow a clear three working days after you order your prescription for your medication to be processed before collection or delivery.

Weekly Dossett Packs

If either yourself or someone you care for has problems remembering how or when to take prescribed medication, we may be able to help with a compliance device. This is usually a cassette or card filled with one week's supply of medicine, split into different times of the day for each day of the week. Please note, however, that such a device might not be suitable for all patients and potential candidates will need to be assessed before such an aid can be offered. You should also mention this to your G.P. Please ask your pharmacist for details.

Over The Counter Service

 We stock a large range of products suitable for self-treatment of most common ailments as well as most types of vitamin and mineral products.

Unwanted Medications

We are happy for our patients to return all their unwanted and unused medications to us for safe disposal. We are not able to accept sharps for disposal.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)

This is commonly known as the 'morning-after pill'. It is effective for up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse though we would stress that it is best used as soon as possible. We can provide EHC at the pharmacy during opening hours; no appointment is necessary. There may be a cost incurred.

Medication Usage Review

If you take regular medication and are worried about possible side-effects, drug interactions or if you just need to know whether you are taking your pills correctly, then ask our pharmacist for a personalised medicines usage review. The review will be conducted in our private consultation room and will be completely confidential.